Tough washable resin 602

Tough washable resin 602

Name:Tough washable 3d printing resin

Model: 602

Color: multiple colour

Package: Bottle

Specification: 500g/1000g

Water washable tough photosensitive resin

Product Description:

    It has the advantages of high hardness and high toughness, can be cleaned directly with water (without soap and water), and is suitable for printers with LED light source wavelength 365nm-405nm.

Product properties:

01 Low shrinkage

DYODE's photosensitive resins are designed to reduce volume shrinkage during the light curing process, ensuring high accuracy and surface finish of the printed model, suitable for printing high precision assembly parts.

02 High speed curing

The washable series resins are designed to match 4K black and white screen 3D printers. Very fast layer curing times can be achieved, with layer thicknesses of 25-300 microns, easy release and resistance to breakage, with speeds of 1-2 seconds!

03 High precision

High precision and surface finish of printed models, suitable for high precision assembly parts model printing.

04 High strength

The washable series resins have excellent mechanical strength and even better impact resistance, allowing direct tapping.

05 High toughness

The material has an excellent elongation at break, so printed models are not easily pulled off, ensuring a successful print run.

06 Good stability

The washable series of resins do not have any colour delamination or discolouration after a long period of time, and do not clump together.

Tough resin 602# from the washable series is a photopolymer resin similar to ABS, with unique characteristics for professionals and amateurs. It is a kind of resin that is easy to clean. You can directly rinse the model with dirt on the surface with clean water, and you can use brushes and other auxiliary tools in this process. But there is no need to use soapy water.


It can print models with a smooth surface and a high degree of detail. Due to the low shrinkage rate, about 2%+/-1%, it is very suitable for models that require dimensional stability, especially if you need to assemble multiple components into one model. The movable parts, functional prototypes or dolls printed from this resin can be easily matched with each other. The material can be tapped and polished, and is also suitable for applications that require good durability and impact resistance, such as dental molds (non-casting) or large-size shells. In addition, it has anti-yellowing and anti-scratch functions.

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