Ear mould hard shell resin 902

Ear mould hard shell resin 902

Name: ear mould hard shell resin material

Model: 902 (high viscosity)/903 (low viscosity)

Colour: colorless and transparent

Packing: bottle

Specification: 500g/1000g

Ear mould hard shell uv resin material 902

Product Description:

In the original brand series, 902# colorless high-transparent resin was developed for DIY high-transparent earphone shell. The viscosity is significantly lower than that of traditional materials (=> less material loss, easier to clean). Due to the high initial hardness, maximum construction safety can be achieved even for the finest supporting structures. It has very high mechanical bending strength and fracture resistance, and it is not brittle, and can speed up the curing time through a short exposure time. It is biocompatible and does not contain bisphenol A. Medical device IIa, the printed model is easy to polish and other processing. It is suitable for high-transparency applications in non-high-temperature environments. Excellent internal transparency makes it more suitable for appearance and assembly verification. It is specially used for DIY customization of high-transparency earphone shells.


high transparency, no yellowing, no shrinkage


Used for making DIY hearing aid ear moulds, hearing protectors, IEM in-ear monitor shells, BTE ear mould hard shell moulding and other UV cured earphone shell materials, widely used in medical devices.

Operating instructions:

1、Applicable to UV light source wavelength 385nm curing lamp.

2、Mix and match the suitable UV colour paste at will to create different colours.

3、The darker the colour, the more opaque it is and the longer the curing time. This is because the darker the colour the slower it is for the UV to pass through.

4、0.5-1.2mm wall thickness can be adjusted by polymerisation time.

5、Mix different brands of UV resin at your own risk, as different brands of UV resin use different chemicals.

Model picture:



Shake well before use before pouring into the resin bath.

This resin must not be mixed with other resins, liquids, substances etc. as this may result in print failure.

Lower temperatures may affect the printing results, preheat the resin appropriately before use (no more than 35°C).

taking care to wear protective gloves and a mask during use and to keep the room ventilated.

this product contains active chemicals, this product is to be avoided in contact with eyes, skin and clothing.

This product is slightly irritating to the eyes and skin. In case of accidental contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention.

Rinse immediately with soapy water after contact with skin; wash thoroughly after contact with clothing before wearing.

Avoid contact with this product by children and pregnant women.

Storage and transport:

Resin should be stored and transported in its original packaging in a sealed and light-proof environment, protected from heat and sunlight.

Recommended storage temperature is 18 - 35°C.

Do not mix and store the resin left in the resin bath with the unused resin after printing. It should be stored in a separate container protected from light.

For safety information, please refer to the MSDS for this product. if you encounter any problems during use, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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