Surgical guide tray resin 807A

Surgical guide tray resin 807A

Name: 3D printed dental rigid tray photosensitive resin

Category: Medical Class II, Type A

Model: 807A

Colour: various colours

Package: Bottle

Specification: 500g/1000g

Long-lasting biocompatible UV resin for dental crowns


Biocompatible polymer resins for 3D printing of surgical instrument guides and trays for dental moulds, printing impression trays and surgical guides directly for implants, dentures, crowns and bridges as well as other comprehensive dental cases. Digitally manufactured impression trays provide consistent and accurate impressions for high quality dental care. As a Class II medical device material, it is a 3D printed photosensitive resin that enables long-term biocompatibility. Has high strength and chemical resistance properties. Enables rapid printing of complete impression trays using 200 micron layer heights, resulting in reduced labour time and increased throughput.

Suitable printers:

LCD and DLP type 3D printers with LED light source wavelengths of 385nm-405nm.


01. Low shrinkage

Designed to reduce volume shrinkage and ensure dimensional stability of the printed model.

02. High hardness

With a hardness of 88D, 807A has excellent hardness and high wear resistance for direct tapping.

03. High temperature resistance

The cured model is resistant to high temperatures, making it easy for dentists to sterilise and sterilise the model.

04. Smooth surface

The surface of the cured model is smooth and hard, making it easy to surface treat and polish.

05. Low odour

The product is made from raw materials imported from Europe, America, Japan and Korea, with low odour or low taste irritation, and can be used for temporary crowns.

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