Lost wax casting resin 701

Lost wax casting resin 701

Name: 3D printing SLA lost wax casting photosensitive resin

Model: 701

Colour: transparent

Package: Barrel

Specification: 5kg/10kg/20kg

Lost wax casting photosensitive resin

product details:

Name: 3D printing lost wax casting photosensitive resin

Model: 701

Colour: Transparent


Type of packing: Industrial plastic bucket

Packing specification: 5 kg/10 kg/20 kg

light sourceSLA 355nm large size

UseIt is specially designed for the production of complex structural models of investment casting. Ideal for high-end alloy castings such as nickel-based, superalloys and titanium, with minimal ash generation, resulting in less cleanup and faster tooling production.

From retailers and designers who produce custom jewellery to large-scale foundries, jewelers can use Dayoude brand cast resins to expand their business.The high precision and smooth surface finish of Dayoude casting series resin allows you to go directly from design to production.



01Saving time

Since the composition does not contain antimony, it can be burned completely without ash, and its low viscosity also reduces the time for cleanup work, thus speeding up model production.

02Dimensional stability

It is used for low moisture absorption, so it has high dimensional stability and keeps the size and mechanical properties of the model unchanged even under different environmental conditions.

03Highly clear details

Capable of showing high-resolution details with a tip edge accuracy of 10 microns, presenting structures and patterns consistent with those in CAD patterns.

04Good toughness

Due to the upgraded toughness of the model in the upgraded formula, the finished cured prototype is rigid and tough with a balance of abrasion and scratch resistance.


05Strong durability

The printed models are durable and easy to store. It can be stored in a humid environment without absorbing moisture, overcoming the shortcomings of other resins that are easily softened by moisture or easily corroded by the environment.

*、Dayoude Technology always adheres to the jewelry wax molds that are accurate to the CAD pattern.701# lost wax casting resin adopts the formula of medium wax content, the wax content is up to 50%, which accelerates the melting of the wax mold, and there is no residue after burnout, so that the surface of the casting is smooth.Shrinkage rate 1% (tolerance between +-0.03),701# lost wax casting resin greatly reduces the thermal expansion coefficient of the wax mold and improves the casting success rate.

Material property data:








Critical exposure energy

( mJ/cm2 )


Tensile Strength




Tensile modulus




Breaking elongation rate




Notched impact strength




Heat distortion temperature

ASTM D 648 @66PSI


Shore hardness



NoticeThe above values may vary depending on the geometry of the part, printing settings, temperature changes, secondary post-curing, etc. The actual values may vary. Therefore, users must test the product before use to ensure that it can meet your final use of printing performance. Require. The above values are typical values and we do not agree with them as binding material specifications or warranties unless expressly agreed in writing. The final effect depends on the actual usage of the user, this table is for reference only.

About operation:


Before use: 

Shake the liquid resin evenly before usePlease wear gloves to clean the resin tank and the molding platform and keep the bottom of resin tank in light transmission.


When using:

Pour the 701 resin into the resin tank of the 3D printer, and import the dental model into the printer for printing.


After use:

After printing, please use the matching tools for post-processing, including blade, diagonal pliers, tweezers, containers, gloves; ethanol (≥95%).


Remove the custom tray from the build platform and soak in IPA(isopropanol) or ethanol(≥95%) to remove the extra resin. Use an ultrasonic cleaner if necessary. Please be aware that IPA and ethanol must NOT be placed directly in the tank of the ultrasonic cleaner.

Removing Supports

Manually snap off or use a flush cutter to snip away the support structure from the printed model. Using the flush cutter, cut the supports as close as possible to their attachment points on the model. Be careful not to nick the model itself, as this can cause pitting that may be difficult to remove during sanding.


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For post-curing, the curing energy and curing time depends on the post-curing unit. For example, a good surface hardness can be achieved by 10 minutes of post-curing using a 36W (12WCCFL + 24W LED) UV curing box at 405nm or using Formlabs FormCure curing box at 405nm at 60°C for 15 minutes.


Polish the surface using polishing paper or a rotary tool with a buffing attachment. Do not finish the print with mineral oil after sanding.


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Instructions for use:

1Try to make the wall thickness of the model thinner, and not too thick.

2Using the three-dimensional casting gypsum powder of the American SRS and Hunter brands.

3The printed model must be cleaned and the model must be cured twice.

The surface of the model and the mold on the inner wall of the non-stick

plaster powder must be dry.

4After wrapping the model in plaster, leave it for 24 hours. After the gypsum has dried to be free of moisture, it is then calcined. Direct sintering without drying will cause the gypsum to crack.

5Heat the muffle furnace to 500-600°C, then put it in the plaster mold, heat it to 780-850°C and keep it for 4 hours (it is recommended to keep the heat preservation for 2 hours after turning the plaster mold for 2 hours, the wax mold will be sintered more evenly and cleanly)

6After sintering, take out the plaster mold from the high temperature furnace and pour the metal.


lShake well before use and then pour into resin tank;

lDuring the use, wear protective gloves and keep the room ventilated;

lThis product contains reactive chemicals, avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing;

lThis product have slight irritation on eyes and skin. If you contact your eyes inadvertently, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice in time;

lPlease wash with soapy water immediately after contacting with skin; wash thoroughly after contacting with clothes before wearing;

lKeep the product away from pregnant women and children.

Storage and transportation:

lThe resin should be sealed and stored in the original package at home temperature in a dark area to avoid high temperature and sunlight.

lThe recommended temperature is 18-35, a low temperature may affect the printing effect, the resin can be properly preheated before use (not more than 35).

lAfter printing the resin, the resin left in the tank of 3D printer should not be mixed and used with the unused resin. It should be stored in another light-proof container.

lFor safety information, please refer to the MSDS of this product. If you encounter any problems during use, please feel free to contact us. 

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